VIP Music Records & Fabrizio(TM) Offers Distribution Deals, Management Services, and Planning #VIP2K14 Independent National and Overseas Tour

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NEW YORK, Feb. 15, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- VIP Music Records, an independent record label, established in New York City and Fabrizio™, a USA Trademark offering innovation, consulting services, world class advertising, public relations, and promotional services aimed at celebrities and entertainers, are now offering distribution deals only and management services, and are planning to have an independent national and overseas tour.

The said tour is planned to start at the end of March till the end of November 2014; the tour will be held in major cities and countries like Canada, United Kingdom, Brazil, Mexico, and even the Caribbean. Additionally, numerous other local and international triple A artists are also invited and expected to be a part of the expected national and international tour.

The collaboration of these two companies and trademarks offer great opportunities for potential clients, especially celebrities and entertainers. Over the years, they have helped a lot of clients to achieve the greatest limelight of their career by offering them high quality services and features. Now, they are planning to have an independent national tour inside the United States of America and overseas, in order to expand their services and increase awareness among potential clients about the high quality of the services offered.

Fabrizio™ has worked with professionals1, publicly elected officials2 and very popular artists like SouljaBoy3. This proves that the company is truly on top of the competition, dedicated to offering unmatched services for the clients, consulting services, top of the line advertising, promotional services, and even public relations.

Both Fabrizio™ and VIP Music Records are offering music distribution and management to emerging artists like the popular King Krucial4, Gwap Getta Music™5, Jacob Sunday6, HypeSir7, B Double E8, Finesse9, J Bravo10, IncWell11, DJ Young Dre12, DJ Wats13, and DJ RO14 among others. These emerging artists are also a part of the upcoming #VIP2K14 tour. They will be touring in Canada for over a month.

VIP Music Records and Fabrizio™ have already become one of the best live music powerhouses.

They have made agreements for collaboration with production companies and venues in order to make the upcoming tour successful as possible. The ultimate success of both Fabrizio™ and VIP Music Records is taking artists that don't have the chance to tour but would want to pursue their successful career in the Show Business. With their services and plans, potential artists, regardless of status will be able to have a better chance of being on the path to a brighter career especially in the entertainment industry.

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