Organizations Often Fail High-Potential Executives, Says RHR International

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CHICAGO, Feb. 18, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- It always comes as a shock when someone with an impressive combination of talent, experience and results fails to achieve success in a new role. What causes a high-potential executive (or HiPo) to crash and burn when scaling to the next level?

In the latest edition of its publication Executive Insight, RHR International outlines the danger points within the organization that can result in HiPo failure. It also suggests preventive measures or corrective steps that can strengthen the development process and keep prepared and capable executives flowing upward through the pipeline. The next issue in this series will discuss the reasons high-potential executives sometimes self-destruct when placed in positions of higher responsibility.

"The first hurdle companies often face is a failure to identify the 'true' high-potential talent," says Dr. Jessica Bigazzi Foster, Global Practice Leader – Executive Development at RHR International. "But even a good identification process means little if the organization falls short in the areas of talent development and retention."

Besides the obvious need to successfully develop internal candidates for the organization's future needs, investment in the career growth of high-potential executives sends a signal that they are valued by the business and allows them to envision a future there. This is a particularly important step in protecting the organization's talent assets since executives advancing through the ranks are particularly attractive to outsiders.

To learn more about identifying and developing HiPos, download "How Organizations Fail High-Potential Talent" from the RHR International website.


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