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Toy Fair 2014: Top Gadget Picks

Groundbreaking, high tech, old-fashioned, you name it—toys of all kinds have been on display at the American International Toy Fair. Out of the massive amount of goodies on display, a few stood out to Trae Bodge, senior editor at digital coupon site

"I love all of them all but if I had to choose one, I would say it was the Oregon Scientific ATC Gecko HD which is a water-resistant video camera that's so tiny, kids can clip it onto a hat, on a belt loop, wear it on a lanyard and record all of their adventures. I love it," Bodge told CNBC. The gadget costs $60. Bodge says it's really affordable but really high-tech. It comes in four colors and is targeted to 6-year-olds. The camera is available now at and will be more widely available in the fall.

Also on Bodge's radar is Skyrocket Nano Wars. Bodge said it's a great interactive play for kids and parents. The Nano Wars Bots have unique fights with up to eight bots at a time. At the end, the losers roll to their back and the winner remains standing. Nano Bots are also targeted to 6-year-olds. A battle pack of those toys costs $50.

Bodge also likes the Simon Swipe—a new twist on the classic hand-eye coordination game. It's got the hypnotic colors, flashing lights, as well as a new swipe action. "It's a really great interactive toy. A child can play it by themselves or battle it out with a friend or with a parent, so I really like that one as well," said Bodge.

Simon Swipe is targeted to 8-year-old kids and it's priced at $20.