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FCC rethinks its take on net neutrality

Tech Yeah! Another look at net neutrality

Regulators are declining to consider broadband Internet access a public utility but do plan to look at new ways to work with Web service providers to protect users.

If access were considered a utility, broadband fees would remain affordable to consumers, said CNET Editor-in-Chief Lindsey Turrentine.

The Federal Communications Commission said it doesn't intend to go that far but will consider how it could implement nondiscrimination regulations that protect consumers, according to a .

"Ultimately this is all about whether or not ISPs can separate different parts of the Internet for different use cases and charge for them separately," Turrentine said. "So the FCC is going to take another look at that, but they're not going to regulate it like they would plain old telecom."

Separately, Netflix has reported a data slowdown in January, with speed over Verizon FiOS dropping by 14 percent amid disagreements between the two companies about fees for access to streaming content, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Streams have been slowing across several ISPs, however, Turrentine noted.