Queens Chiropractor Offers Stress Relief Treatments

QUEENS, N.Y., Feb. 19, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A chiropractor in Queens seeks to make area residents aware of the natural treatments available for stress relief. According to Dr. James S. Lee of Dr. Lee's Spine Center, chiropractic adjustment and related non-invasive methods can provide significant help for people who suffer such common stress-related symptoms as chronic headaches, neck or back pain, stiff shoulders and tight muscles. "Your emotional state can influence your physical condition, and vice versa. We have found that many of our patients feel more relaxed and comfortable following chiropractic care in Queens," says Dr. Lee.

Dr. Lee explains that stress has become a way of life for millions of Americans whose fast-paced yet largely sedentary lifestyle can lead to a variety of stress-related health issues. He points out, for example, that tensions at work, coupled with constant hunching over a keyboard and monitor, may cause office workers to experience aches and pains from chronically strained muscles. Individuals under a combination of physical and emotional stress may also suffer from stiff necks, tension headaches and migraines. "This physical strain only adds to the worker's emotional stress, which in turn causes even more tension in the body. It's a cycle," says the chiropractor in Queens. He adds that muscular strain may be aggravated further by spinal misalignments that shift the body away from an ideal vertical balance, placing unequal stresses on muscle groups. In some cases, this process can interfere with optimum nerve function, a critical factor in many physiological processes.

Dr. Lee's chiropractic care in Queens typically starts with evaluations of the patient's spinal alignment in an attempt to discover any obvious musculoskeletal imbalances which may be contributing to stress symptoms. Subluxations (misalignments of two or more spinal vertebrae) and/or signs of nerve impingement may then be addressed via specific types of chiropractic treatment, ranging from manual adjustment to spinal decompression. Dr. Lee states that restoration of proper nerve function is critical to improving the patient's mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing, saying, "Nerve signals regulate everything from blood pressure and food cravings to stress hormones such as cortisol and the neurotransmitters that govern mood." Fixing alignment issues, he adds, also relieves muscular strain, encouraging the entire body to relax.

The chiropractor in Queens combines spinal adjustments with other natural treatments that he says make their own contributions to stress relief, including massage therapy and nutritional counseling. He describes massage therapy as a means of loosening tight muscles while also boosting oxygenation of cells and helping to lower blood pressure and cortisol levels. Dr. Lee recommends nutritional counseling to help patients learn how to better support their overall wellness, saying, "Caffeine, sugar, preservatives and starches only stress the body."

Dr. Lee's Spine Center provides natural therapies including chiropractic care in Queens for injury cases, preventative wellness programs and chronic pain treatment.

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