Ensurge, Inc. Announces Discussions for Development of Platinum Group Elements in Guyana

SALT LAKE CITY, Feb. 20, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ensurge, Inc. (OTCBB:ESGI) reported today that it has commenced discussions, and is in negotiations, with Mojave Gold Corporation to participate in the exploration of Platinum Group Minerals (PGMs) in Guyana.

The Company has previously worked with Mojave in exploring the alluvial presence and recovery of PGMs at a test site on the Mazaruni River in Guyana. Recent international market developments in PGMs have increased investor interest in the exploration of PGMs in Guyana.

Echoing previous statements in 2013, Mojave Gold's President and CEO, Steve Heard, stated, "In our work to identify PGM deposits, we have conducted substantial soil and rock sampling, biochem and geochem analysis, and gathered ground and aerial magnetic data. This valuable cross-confirming information allows us to choose drill sites for locating PGMs in bedrock. Having already established a relationship through the prior joint test facility with Ensurge, now is an excellent time for the companies to explore a new relationship that allows Ensurge to take an equity position in Mojave."

Jeff Hanks, Ensurge CFO, stated: "Our relationship with Mojave started in early 2012 and this is an exciting opportunity for our work in Guyana to go to an entirely new level. We think having an opportunity to work with Mojave in developing PGM's is a positive move for the Company."

The Company's subsidiary, TransGlobal Gold Corp., is currently operating several dredges on the Mazaruni River and with additional equipment intends to increase gold production operations over the next year. "A closer relationship between Ensurge and Mojave will benefit both companies in many ways, from financing opportunities to operational and exploration logistics and this is why we are now engaged in discussions involving greater involvement of Ensurge," said Mr. Heard.

About Ensurge, Inc.

Ensurge, Inc. is a Utah based holding company that has been engaged in exploring and developing gold mining opportunities in Guyana. The Company's business plan also includes bringing capital and technology to existing mining operations to more efficiently recover gold, improve recoveries of existing milling operations and improve mining operations in exchange for an interest in these operations. Website: www.ensurgegold.com

About TransGlobal Corp.

TransGlobal Gold Corp. is a mining company organized to acquire and develop mining rights in Guyana. Operations may include either land or river dredging operations. TransGlobal has commenced land-dredge mining operations on approximately 2500 acres located adjacent to the Mazaruni River in Guyana. Website: www.transglobalgoldcorp.com

About Mojave Gold Corporation

Mojave Gold Corporation (MGC) is a privately owned US-based company engaged in exploring areas for potential platinum group mineral mining, identifying several domestic and international sites of interest. For the past three years MGC has been working with GlobalMin LLC in exploring over 4.2 million acres, two years of which have been pursuant to a Permission for Geological and Geophysical Survey (PGGS) issued by the Prime Minister of Guyana. The PGGS is now being converted into exclusive prospecting licenses. Website: www.mojavegoldcorp.com

Since 2002, privately owned GlobalMin, LLC, has conducted substantial fieldwork, exploration, and analytical testing in Guyana, discovering and documenting a significant presence of alluvial platinum group minerals, and targeting areas for continued exploration and analysis. Global Min, LLC is parent to GlobalMin Guyana, Inc. Retired Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology Chief Geochemist Dr. Paul Lechler is Managing Partner along with John Van de Sand, a mining engineer with over thirty years mining and business experience.

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