Every 45 Minutes a Child is Rushed to the Emergency Room for Injuries Caused by Television Tip-Overs

Washington, D.C., Feb. 20, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Every 45 minutes a child is rushed to the emergency room for injuries caused by televisions that are not appropriately secured. As part of a national effort, Safe Kids urges parents and caregivers to do quick checks of their homes and make sure all of their TVs are safely secured and properly placed. Larger and heavier cathode ray tube (CRT) TVs placed on dressers or high furniture can tip over and cause serious injuries, even death, if children climb onto the furniture

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As new TVs enter the home, families deciding what to do with their old TVs should visit a local recycling location to properly dispose of the TV and get it out of the home. For families with flat panel televisions, Safe Kids recommends mounting TVs to the wall to reduce the risk of TV tip-overs.

Consumer Electronics Association and Safe Kids Worldwide recommend these tips for parents:

Top tips for parents:

1. Secure your TV. If you have an older non-flatscreen TV, make sure you place it on a low, stable piece of furniture that is appropriate for the TV's size and weight.

2. Recycle your TV. To find a location to safely and easily recycle unwanted TVs, go to www.GreenerGadgets.org/.

3. If you're replacing your CRT TV with a new TV, be sure it's properly secured.

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Kate Carr, President and CEO, Safe Kids Worldwide and Laura Hubbard, Consumer Electronics Association


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CONTACT: For more TV safety tips, visit www.safekids.org Source:Consumer Electronics Association