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iCar coming to a dealership near you?

Tech Yeah! Apple and Tesla sittin' in a tree ...

CEO Elon Musk has dismissed the idea that Tesla will be sold anytime soon, but he acknowledged that he has met with Apple's head of mergers and acquisitions.

That leaves Apple and Tesla fans salivating.

"On some level, it's a silly pipe dream, but we're also in a world where Facebook bought an app that's barely a player in the U.S. for $19 billion in cash and stock—it's a time for pipe dreams," said Jamie Lendino, managing editor of

The benefits of a joint collaboration are easily pointed out.

"This is certainly a match made in Silicon Valley heaven," Lendino said. "You've got two companies with incredible brand cachet and possibilities in both technology and distribution, and selling direct to consumers, which is one of those things that the auto industry had troubles with in the past."

What about an iCar? What would change most radically is the way vehicles are sold, he said, rather than any big difference in the manufacturing process.

One thing Lendino is sure of is that Apple somehow will be a player in the auto industry within the next decade.

"That's too big of a frontier for their hundreds of millions of existing customers," he said.

—By Christina Medici Scolaro