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Google Glass: The weird and wonderful apps on offer

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Command your car

Enabling owners to control their high-tech car via their high-tech headpiece, GlassTesla is built by entrepreneur and developer Sahas Katta and is the the unofficial app for high-performance electric carmaker Tesla.

"I was fortunate enough to become one of the first few hundred to get access to Glass," Katta told CNBC via email.

"Around the same time frame, my father just happened to have received a call to come pick up his Model S after nearly a 1 year wait...I simply couldn't think of two more innovative pieces of technology and it was very clear that these belong together."

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The app lets users see which doors are unlocked and check the car's charge level. It can also perform tasks like turning the charge function on and off, locking and unlocking doors, and opening and closing the sunroof. Users can locate their car, find the nearest charging station and remotely access the car's climate-control feature.

Katta is hopeful that the device will be just as big a hit as Apple's iPhone with a little more polish and the right price tag. He added that a lot of companies have in-house Glass apps ready to go and they'll likely announce them when Glass makes an official consumer debut.

"It's always a chicken and egg game since people won't buy Glass unless there are enough quality apps and developers won't consider building for the platform if there aren't enough customers," he said.

Source: Glass Tesla