Agoura Hills Dentist, Dr. Amir Choroomi, Offers Dental Implants

Dr. Amir Choroomi

Agoura Hills, CA, Feb. 24, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Agoura Hills dentist, Dr. Amir Choroomi, offers dental implants to patients who are missing one or more teeth. Lost teeth affect the way a smile appears and can reduce a person's self-confidence, but tooth loss can also have serious long-term effects on a patient's dental health. Adjacent teeth may collapse into the gap, and misalignments may occur. Oral function can be affected, and perhaps most importantly, bone loss may occur. Because the roots of each tooth stimulate the jawbone, they maintain healthy growth and bone density. When the root of the tooth is lost, the jawbone begins to deteriorate, and the facial structure can begin to break down. Even one missing tooth can have this effect, but when more teeth are lost, the risk for oral problems becomes dramatically higher.

About Dr. Amir Choroomi, Cosmetic Dentist Agoura Hills

Dr. Choroomi is a top Agoura Hills dental implants expert. He began his dental career at the UOP Dental School in San Francisco, one of the top dental universities in the country. He focused his studies on restorative and cosmetic dentistry and has continued his advanced education in his field so that he can continue offering his patients with the best treatment possible. He is known for his gentle touch, which has led to him becoming one of the most popular dentists in the area. He gives back to the community through his non-profit work and spends his free time with his family. Visit for more information.

Dental implants are considered the ideal tooth restoration option since they replace both the crowns and roots of missing teeth. This allows the implant device to continue stimulating the jawbone just like the roots did and keeps the bone strong and dense. Dental implants also offer a more attractive and comfortable tooth restoration alternative. Agoura Hills dentist, Dr. Choroomi, often recommends dental implants to patients who are missing one or even all their teeth because they are versatile enough to be used with porcelain crowns, bridges or dentures. There is a dental implant solution for virtually every smile. Dr. Choroomi, Agoura Hills teeth whitening expert, also offers other treatments that include routine dental care, preventative treatments, orthodontics, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening and more.

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