Covisint Expands Healthcare Footprint, Debuts Cloud-based Solution Internationally

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ORLANDO, Feb. 24, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HIMSS Conference & Exhibition -- Covisint Corporation (Nasdaq:COVS), provider of the leading cloud engagement platform, today expanded its healthcare platform globally to support the growing international need for secure health information exchange. Covisint signed a five-year strategic partnership with the Indonesian-based Aptus Pacific Indonesia in the debut of Covisint's global healthcare expansion.

The international market poses both unique challenges and opportunities in providing healthcare quality measurement, claims administration and service delivery. Poor healthcare automation systems often result in expensive and inefficient workflows that cause delays in care delivery and reimbursement. Leveraging the Covisint platform, Aptus will deploy Health Information Exchange Indonesia, a flexible solution that will meet health provider and payer organizations where they already are in their technology adoption – a critically important factor in international markets.

Together, Aptus and Covisint will automate inefficient processes in the insurance, hospital and physician markets as a first step in health information exchange for Indonesia, which is predicted to grow to the world's seventh-largest economy by 2030 (up from 16th today). The Indonesian market – which is reflective of many Asian-Pacific regions – represents a robust growth opportunity for technology due to a rapidly expanding middle class and the need for an improved healthcare delivery system supporting large and growing populations.

The Covisint and Aptus partnership will provide the expertise and ability to meet rigorous international regulations and privacy standards that will drive increased efficiency across the healthcare value chain, including serving:

  • Care delivery organizations and physicians, who will gain the ability to improve workflow automation, reducing time to reimbursement and administrative costs while enabling organizations to invest more time and money back into patient care.
  • Payer organizations, who will now be able to automate communications with providers for improved efficiency. Currently communications between payer and providers are processed via phone, fax or currier transport of medical and administrative records. Moving message-handling to electronic workflows means improved profit due to efficiency with higher provider and beneficiary satisfaction.
  • Patients, who will enjoy greater efficiency in handling claims and timeliness of care delivery, leading to better care and higher patient satisfaction.

"Given the state of technology adoption in Indonesia, the Covisint platform provides a timely, high-value solution driving the automated, secure and efficient exchange of health information into a market where, previously, manual operations existed," said Almer Joesoef, President Director of Aptus Pacific Indonesia. "The Covisint platform – which is proven across the U.S. healthcare industry, as well as other global industries – will enable us to achieve a major corporate priority to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare services. We will be marketing and implementing Health Information Exchange Indonesia to support public and private health systems and insurance markets across Indonesia."

"Healthcare globally depends on secure, scalable and effective communication between providers, payers and others across the entire care continuum," said Dave McGuffie, Covisint CEO and President. "This partnership – built on Aptus' cultural and political understanding of the Indonesian healthcare market, combined with Covisint's proven and scalable technology platform – will deliver significant value to the Indonesian market. Covisint will continue to work with key customers and partners to expand its healthcare footprint globally."

Covisint delivers high value to accountable care stakeholders by supporting a comprehensive health information technology roadmap that helps improve health outcomes, increases efficiencies and fills the gaps left by existing technology investments. Covisint's agnostic platform, which works with or without an existing EMR system, enables the free, secure flow of information with the customer in full control, helping healthcare providers and payers maintain data independence and control.


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