NEI Unveils 2014 Advertising Campaign, Messaging Priorities

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WASHINGTON, DC,, Feb. 24, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nuclear Energy Institute today unveiled its 2014 advertising campaign and messaging priorities to help influence opinion leaders and drive policymaking on energy issues. The 2014 campaign features four energy experts who personify attributes associated with nuclear energy: diversity of supply, jobs, clean air and the future of energy.

"Our goal is to increase awareness of nuclear energy's attributes and benefits to help assure that sound policies are enacted to enhance the nation's energy security and advance its economic and environmental goals," said Marvin Fertel, NEI's president and chief executive officer.

Fertel presented the ads at a news conference attended by three of the four experts who personify the attributes associated with nuclear energy:

  • Leslie Dewan, chief scientist for Transatomic Power (future)
  • Patrick Moore, Ecosense Environmental and co-founder of Greenpeace (clean air)
  • Mark Verbeck, nuclear reactor training manager for Georgia Power (jobs).

Unable to attend was Vicky Bailey, former commissioner on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (energy diversity).

The advertising campaign will center on print and video testimonials from these advocates to inside-the-beltway news outlets and incorporate geo-targeted advertising. It will be reinforced with social media-based advertising and promotional activities geared toward building an active base of supporters. Campaign content will be updated regularly and can be tracked online on Twitter at #futureofenergy.

Fertel said that NEI's "thought leadership campaign" encompassing $2 million in advertising is designed to help ensure that nuclear energy's benefits are fully appreciated and properly valued in electricity markets.

"The benefits of our nuclear plants—the contribution to fuel diversity, the environmental benefits and other attributes—are undervalued and, frankly, taken for granted. That must change. Simply put, we must ensure that a broad cross section of politicians, policymakers, regulators and other stakeholders understands that keeping our existing nuclear plants in operation is vital to America's energy future," Fertel said.

The website developed specifically for the advertising and messaging campaign is

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