Response Scientific(R) Prepares Microvail(TM) Micronutrients for Release Into $93B Supplement Market

PRINCETON, N.J., Feb. 24, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Response Scientific, Inc.® announces their Microvail™ microencapsulation technology will be used to bring a new line of nutritional supplements to market as early as this year in the Canadian market. The unique technology helps to solve the age-old problem of supplement bioavailability. "The reality is that some of the most promising dietary supplements are poorly bioavailable," says Gregg Webster, CEO of Response Scientific. "Our Microvail™ protective microencapsulation technology could revolutionize the supplement and nutraceutical markets because it delivers a higher percentage of microparticle-formulated nutrients into the bloodstream based upon our internal testing."

Response Scientific's Microvail™ microencapsulation technology not only protects nutraceuticals from stomach acids and enzymes, but also features a unique means of time-release by using diffusion, rather than an enteric coating. The microparticles pass through the capsule wall while in transit through the small intestine. The microcapsules continue to release their contents thus maximizing the bioavailability and absorption of microparticle-formulated nutrients into the bloodstream.

The Microvail name is derived from the combination of microencapsulated and bioavailable. Bioavailability refers to the amount of any drug or nutrient that enters the bloodstream at a high percentage rate or low percentage rate due to damage. Hence, a product that enters the bloodstream is said to be either highly bioavailable, or poorly bioavailable.

Microvail's unique packaging is another industry first. Microvail™ micronutrients are packaged in single dose, easy-to-open, sealed foil pouches, making them highly portable and convenient. The capsules themselves are about the size of a grain of salt and easy to swallow with a minimal amount of liquid or saliva.

The Microvail™ "microencapsulated micronutrients" will be branded under the Microvail™ trade name and sold exclusively to retail stores.

The supplement market is expected to reach $93 billion in the US market by 2015, and the Canadian market is almost $10 billion alone. But unlike American consumers, nutrition and supplement use is an everyday part of Canadian lives with 71% of adults reporting they have used a natural health product, and 38% report they use at least one on a daily basis. "Canada is an obvious and easy first step for the launch of Microvail™ since the Canadian market is 10% the size of the USA market," says Mr. Webster. "With the high percentage of supplement users, it is an excellent market for quick and effective feedback."

Response Scientific® will continue to finalize investment rounds to support 2014 production and marketing development in preparation for the Canadian launch of Microvail™.

About Response Scientific®

Response Scientific® is an innovative research company at the forefront of developing revolutionary new healthcare treatments. Response Scientific® is the developer of the breakthrough Microvail™ products, highly bioavailable microencapsulated micronutrients created to deliver more contents into the bloodstream.

Response Scientific® is located in Princeton, New Jersey and can be reached at (609) 228-5788 or

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