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The most and least expensive states for car insurance

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Best and worst states to buy car insurance

Your age, driving record and type of car you have aren't the only factors that can inflate your auto insurance premium. According to a new study by, the state you live in can be the difference between paying little more than $800 or $2,700 annually.

"Insurance rates are influenced by a number of different factors,"'s Mark Vallett said. "Everything from traffic, crime rates, state and local laws, the percentage of uninsured drivers, as well as the number of insurance companies competing in a market can all result in higher, or if you're lucky, lower insurance premiums in your state." ranked all 50 states, plus Washington, D.C., on the cost of car insurance. Click ahead to see the five most and least expensive places, and see if your state made either list.

By CNBC's Robert Ferris and Akane Otani
Updated March 9, 2016

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