Neighborhood Gardening is Offering Brush Clearing Services in Accordance with Los Angeles Fire Regulations

Los Angeles, CA, Feb. 25, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Los Angeles gardening services company, Neighborhood Gardening is offering brush clearing services in accordance with Los Angeles fire regulations to help property owners keep their homes and businesses in compliance and to keep the entire community safer. Los Angeles has established the Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone according to California State Law to help reduce the community's risk of brush fire.

Neighborhood Gardening offers extensive landscaping services in Los Angeles, including artificial turf installation, artificial grass installation, irrigation system installation, weed abatement, seasonal adjustments and yard drainage services. They offer brush abatement and brush removal that can keep property owners in compliance with the law and fire zone requirements. According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, all grass and weeds should be no taller than 3 inches, and high-risk native brush should be trimmed to one-third of its total height. Brush should be trimmed or removed if it is within 18 feet of structures, within 10 feet of fences or within 10 feet of roadways.

Trees may also need to be trimmed. While trees can be closely spaced, dead branches and material should be trimmed and removed, and tall trees should have branches no lower than 6 feet from the ground and 5 feet from rooftops. Tree branches should be at least 10 feet from chimney outlets, and roofs should be clear of all vegetation and accumulation of leaves, needles and similar materials.

Properties that are not in compliance will be subject to re-inspection and may be subject to fines and penalties. Further noncompliance can result in city cleanup of the property, and the property owner will be billed for that cleanup along with any accumulated fines, penalties and re-inspection fees. Neighborhood Gardening can provide all necessary brush clearing services to ensure that properties are within compliance and will properly dispose of all brush, waste and brush trimming.

Keeping the community safe is a responsibility of all Los Angeles residents, and Neighborhood Gardening offers the necessary support to help property owners keep their lands attractive, usable and in compliance with the law. They offer extensive landscaping services that can help keep properties looking great all year long. Visit for more information.

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