Here's why everybody is talking about Pimco

Bill Gross responds to WSJ portrayal

Public shouting matches. A tense working atmosphere. A man at the top running amok.

These are not the things one usually associates with Pimco, the world's largest bond manager with $1.9 trillion under management and the largest single fund that alone boasts $237 billion. However, that's the portrait that emerged from a scathing profile Tuesday in The Wall Street Journal that paints a firm in turmoil following the departure of its high-profile CEO Mohamed El-Erian.

Bill Gross, the firm's co-founder, is shown in an unflattering light in the article, though he disputed the portrayal in a Tuesday afternoon interview with CNBC.

"All this discourse about an autocratic style from my standpoint and conflict between Mohammed and myself is overblown," Gross said during an interview on "Street Signs."

El-Erian's departure reportedly came after a series of clashes with Gross, himself also a very visible face of the firm and its chief investment officer.

"I'm tired of cleaning up your s---," El-Erian told Gross at one point, according to the Journal, which reported that El-Erian demanded Gross treat employees better.