VIEVU Announces Upgrade to VERIPATROL, Its Secure Video Evidence Management Software Now Accessible Via Cloud and Mobile Client


SEATTLE, Feb. 26, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- VIEVU, the industry leader in body worn video (BWV) for law enforcement, security, and emergency responders, today announced a major upgrade to VERIPATROL, its secure, encrypted video management system for the storage, retrieval and management of video evidence. New features include advanced video "lock down" for case sensitive evidence, enhanced user interface with mobile viewing, and the ability to provide certified courtroom ready audio transcripts direct from the software for ongoing cases/trials.

VERIPATROL exceeds evidence standards and does not allow officers to tamper, edit or delete video, using a FIPS 140-2 compliant digital signature process to prove file authenticity. VERIPATROL installs in standalone, network, mobile or cloud-based environments; and can also be securely integrated through an advanced SDK into existing video systems or other video management platforms (i.e. Dash cams, interview rooms or other third party software, et al).

VERIPATROL Mobile+ is an optional add-on that allows officers to download, classify and add case numbers and notes to recorded files in the field then transfer or share over Wi-Fi/3G/4G networks.

"VIEVU has made it incredibly efficient, cost-effective and seamless for law enforcement agencies to use BWV technology. It is flexible and scalable allowing access from the local networks or the cloud for officers to view from a precinct or the laptop in their patrol car. Other vendors charge thousands of dollars per month for access and storage fees, VIEVU has never charged our customers for the use of VERIPATROL," said Steve Ward, VIEVU CEO and Founder.

VIEVU cameras are used by more than 3,100 law enforcement agencies with customers such as Oakland PD, Houston PD, Dallas PD Atlanta PD, and Phoenix PD. Agencies continue to deploy BWV cameras as studies on the effects of police-worn BWV continue to show its benefits. A study of the Rialto PD in CA showed an 88% decline in complaints filed against officers, and a 60% decline in use-of-force.

VIEVU's recently released camera, the LE3 is a highly secure HD video camera designed for law enforcement's usability and captures the best forensic video evidence. The LE3 was built to make operation simple, its large slide design acts as an on/off switch for easy activation in stressful situations and VERIPATROL security prevents unauthorized access if the camera is lost or stolen.

LE3 is available for purchase with a suggested retail price of $899, including VERIPATROL. For more information, additional specs/requirements, please click here.


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