RSA’s Coviello makes utopian call for cyber peace

Arik Hesseldahl
Art Coviello, Executive Vice President, EMC Corporation and President, RSA.
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Making his first public comments about a controversy that rocked his company last year, Art Coviello, the head of security firm RSA, suggested that tech companies should avoid working with U.S. intelligence agencies until it's clear they can be trusted.

Accused last year in a report by Reuters of leading a company that colluded with the National Security Agency, Coviello said RSA's work with the agency has been a matter of public record for years.

In a Dec. 20 story, Reuters alleged that RSA accepted a secret $10 million payment in exchange for inserting a compromised formula for generating random numbers, one that the NSA favored, in its products. RSA has denied the payment and the collusion.

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