"Georgia Chiropractor" Magazine Recognizes Atlanta Chiropractor for Entertainment Chiropractic Care

ATLANTA, Feb. 27, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Atlanta chiropractor Dr. Jared Simon was recently featured in the Winter issue of "Georgia Chiropractor" for his ground-breaking work helping Atlanta-based actors and entertainers. Dr. Simon, who founded Atlanta Actors Healthnet, the official doctors to the Atlanta Screen Actors Association, is a leading advocate for entertainment health and wellness. Dr. Simon's patients include entertainer Cee Lo Green and Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist Gwen Torrence. Dr. Simon founded the Atlanta Screen Actors Association to reduce the risk of on-the-set injuries and provide drug-free pain management.

The magazine "Georgia Chiropractor" featured Atlanta chiropractor Dr. Jared Simon in its latest issue, highlighting Dr. Simon's work serving Atlanta-based entertainers and working to reduce the risk for on-set injuries.

"I am honored that 'Georgia Chiropractor' highlighted my work with Atlanta Actors Healthnet," said Dr. Simon. "Acting is a wonderful way to be creative, but it is also a stressful lifestyle. Many actors don't have the resources or time to take care of themselves, especially those who live a transient lifestyle. They need care from someone who understands these challenges and can provide treatment that is customized to their needs."

Dr. Simon understands the unique health challenges faced by individuals in show business because he himself once worked as an actor. Dr. Simon got his start as a chiropractor following an acting injury that occurred while performing in a play.

"I had a lot of problems and no one could help until I saw my chiropractor," said Dr. Simon. "I loved theater and acting, but I wanted something more stable that would allow me to work with people and make changes in their lives, and chiropractic was a great avenue to do that."

The Atlanta chiropractor has treated a number of big-name entertainers, actors and athletes, including entertainer Cee Lo Green and Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist Gwen Torrence. However, Dr. Simon says he is equally passionate about treating individuals who might not otherwise have access to quality chiropractic care.

"Everyone deserves to be healthy and pain-free," said Dr. Simon. "That's why I helped found Atlanta Actors Healthnet. I've treated hundreds of actors for common on-set injuries and am excited to create a support network empowering entertainers to live active, pain-free lives."

Dr. Simon, a licensed chiropractor serving the Atlanta community since 1992, founded "Atlanta Actors Healthnet" to better serve the local entertainment community. The program unites chiropractors with physicians and other wellness providers, creating a specialized network serving performing artists' unique needs.

In addition to treating the Atlanta entertainment community, Dr. Simon also provides care for individuals who have sustained a personal injury or sports injury. Dr. Simon's chiropractic care focuses on drug-free pain management, injury rehabilitation and prevention, and whole body health.

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