CCTV Script 27/02/14

— This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on February 27, Thursday.

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Ever wondered which neighbourhoods in the US are the richest?

CNBC's Robert Frank finds out:

You'd think New York and California would have the richest neighborhoods. In fact, it's Maryland that takes the top spot. Maryland claiming three of the top five spots in the ranking of richest neighborhoods in America.

This is a list based on mean household income and it's compiled by Stephen Higley a professor emeritus at the University of Montevallo in Alabama.

The number one richest neighborhood in America is the golden triangle in Greenwich Connecticut that's home to all those hedge funders and mean income there: $614,000.

The rest of the top five is almost all Maryland. The Bradley-Manor/Longwood section of Bethesda ranked second, with income of $614,000. Potomac manors in Potomac ranked third, at $599,000, and Carderock-the Palisades, also in Potomac, ranked fifth at $595,000.

The demographics of high end neighborhoods also getting more diverse. In the old cutler area of Coral Gable Florida, -- which ranked fourth in the country -- 47% of the population is now Latino and that's mainly wealthy Cubans.

Another sign that wealth is getting diverse both geographically and racially in America. Back to you.

Li Sixuan, from CNBC's Singapore headquarters.

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