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Cramer’s 1st annual Golden Bull Awards

Cramer's Golden Bulls: Best director (CEO)

If Hollywood gets a big red carpet moment, then Jim Cramer thinks the stock market deserves one too.

Therefore, on Friday February 28th the Mad Money host unveiled the first annual Golden Bull awards.

"I thought it was time to celebrate the terrific companies and executives who deserve both recognition and praise for their incredible performances over the last year," Cramer explained.

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Category: Best Director or CEO

The Nominees: Unlike the Oscars, there were far too many worthy performances for Cramer to narrow it down to 5 or even 10. "I will say that if you want a list of execs you can count on, you should pick up a copy of Get Rich Carefully, where I have a whole chapter devoted to the 21 CEOs I consider truly bankable," Cramer noted.

And the Golden Bull for Best Director or CEO goes to: Disney CEO Big Iger.

Cramer gave Iger the award because his company's stock returned 55% last year while he simultaneously positioned Disney for a bright future with a series of acquisitions. Also Cramer said, "Disney's cable properties are unparalleled and the theme park business is in tremendous shape. Plus, Iger is an incredibly shareholder friendly CEO, with a truly epic buyback. He absolutely deserves the golden bull for best director. That said, Disney's run up about 10 points in just the last month, so if you want to invest with Iger, I suggest you wait for the stock to pull back before you pull the trigger."

Category: Best Newcomer or IPO

The Nominees: Because there were so many phenomenal IPOs last year the contenders include but are not limited to Zulily, FireEye, Marketo and Twitter.

And the Golden Bull for Best Newcomer or IPO goes to: Zulily.

This was a bit of a surprise upset considering all the Twitter fans, but Cramer said Zulily deserves top honors not only because of its successful IPO but also because the company followed through with impressive earnings, suggesting the valuation is based on more than just exuberance for the product.

The "Mad Money" host is quite impressed with the management team's ability to carve out a valuable niche. "It's an e-commerce site that basically targets mothers with young children. And they've designed Zulilly in such a way that it offers terrific values, and also gives users a real treasure hunt experience thanks to all of the flash sales and daily deals."

However, that doesn't make the stock a buy at current levels. "In fact, if you bought Zulilly based on my recommendation last month, I suggest you ring the register on most of your position so that you're playing with the house's money. This is an amazing company, however, the stock has rallied an enormous distance in a very short period of time, which means if you buy it up here, you are chasing, and we do not chase on Mad Money—that's just irresponsible."

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And Cramer's Golden Bull goes to...

Category: Best Editing or Spinoff

The Nominees: Contenders in this category range from liquor companies and drug makers to natural food firms, energy companies and more

And the Golden Bull for Best Editing or Spinoff goes to: Beam.

"When the old Fortune Brands announced its breakup plans, it had an enterprise value of $13 billion. Then it sold its golf segment, spun off its home furnishings and security business as Fortune Brands Home & Security, and changed the remaining liquor company's name to Beam. These changes are what made it possible for Suntory to even consider acquiring Beam in the first place. And after that deal, when you add the components of the old Fortune Brands all together, they're now worth north of $25 billion—basically the breakup nearly doubled the value here." (If that's not an award winning spinoff, what is?)

Category: Lifetime Achievement

The Nominees: In this category only retiring CEOs with impressive track records of value creation were considered by the Academy…. errrr Cramer.

And the Golden Bull for Lifetime Achievement goes to: Mark Papa

As the former CEO of EOG Resources who retired last summer, Cramer says Papa has a track record that compares to none. "He took a smallish independent oil and gas exploration and production company spun off by Enron in 1999 and turned it into America's first new major oil company in ages. In many ways, Papa is the father of the domestic oil and gas revolution. He made EOG a leading player in the red hot shale plays that have shaken up the industry Plus, the company Papa left behind is still going strong: even with its $50 billion plus market cap, EOG continues to grow like a weed."

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Category: Viewer's Choice Award

The Nominees: Although the contenders are almost countless, a handful of stocks did emerge as popular favorites. They are Facebook, Tesla, Under Armour, Chipotle.

And the Viewer's Choice Awards goes to: Facebook

The people have spoken and as Cramer often says, "Mad Money" has the smartest audience on TV. "Facebook is the king of social media," a fine reason to honor the stock. However, Cramer added the Facebook offers advertisers targeted audience and the company has been generating impressive results.

"In its latest quarter the company grew its revenues by 63% year over year, expanded its gross margin by 580 basis points, grew mobile by 300%, and increased the pricing for ads by 92%."

As if that's not reason enough to honor Facebook, Cramer added that, "The stock trades at 41 times next year's earnings estimates, which is far from cheap, but it's not super pricey when you consider the company's 32% long-term growth rate, or the fact that momentum oriented hedge funds will buy this one for practically any price."

Like Cramer says, people who watch "Mad Money" are smart!

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