Get 'appy with these cool travel apps

With spring break upon us, travelers can use seemingly a million apps to help plan that perfect vacation.

To make that trip simpler, here are a few standout ones recommended by Jesse Draper, CEO of multimedia company Valley Girl.

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Peek: The geolocation-based app lets users create full travel itineraries complete with "perfect day" plans for fun local activities with vendors all vetted by Peek. However, the app covers only 17 major U.S. regions, plus London and Paris, so depending on where a person is traveling, they will have to make sure their vacation spot is on Peek's list.

Happy Hours: Another geolocation-based app that allows users to find the best places to grab a social beverage in any city. It has a very simple user interface that offers only bars that are open at that moment.

Gate Guru: This app helps users navigate and keep track of any airport delays before and after check-in. Users need only to unload their itinerary. A user can also rent a car from Avis for up to 30 percent off through the app.

Besides these travel apps, folks can also use Yelp, Foursquare and Orbitz.

—By CNBC's Erika Santoro.