Onkyo and Imagination Announce Global Collaboration on Next-Generation Wireless Audio Systems and High Quality Audio

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LONDON, Feb. 28, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Imagination Technologies (IMG.L) and Onkyo, one of the world's foremost creators of innovative home entertainment products, announced today that they have entered an agreement to collaborate on the next generation of wireless audio music streaming systems and the global expansion of High Quality Audio.

Says Munenori Otsuki, president and CEO, Onkyo Corporation: "In the last decade we have witnessed a massive increase in music consumption. Unfortunately during this period audio quality has been lost in the rush for convenience. The time has come to raise the bar back up. By working with Imagination and its partners, who are at the centre of this movement, we will aggressively expand wireless audio music streaming and High Quality Audio out of Japan to the rest of the world." Onkyo launched Japan's most successful High Quality Audio download platform called e-onkyo music in 2005.

Hossein Yassaie, CEO, Imagination added: "We are delighted to be working with such a technically capable audio company as Onkyo. Imagination's Caskeid and FlowCloud technologies are crucial to enabling both the Streaming Music and High Quality Audio revolutions. Onkyo is a brand that can engineer and carry these products to market. I am certain the music listening experience is going to change through collaborations of this kind."

As part of the deal Onkyo has licensed Imagination's Caskeid and FlowCloud technologies.

Caskeid is a technology developed by Imagination to deliver exceptionally accurate synchronized wireless multiroom connected audio streaming. The unique and patented Caskeid technology delivers outstanding audiophile-quality stereo playback with less than 25µS synchronisation accuracy, providing a true 'Wi-Fi Hi-Fi' experience that is good enough to replace wires, satisfying even the most demanding audiophile.

Caskeid technology seamlessly delivers app content to multiple speakers using a unique combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Users simply select their chosen music or radio service app and send it via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to a Caskeid speaker. The Caskeid technology integrated into the speaker takes care of ensuring that music is then seamlessly and synchronously sent to all the speakers in the group. To further make Caskeid's advanced capabilities fully accessible to all popular music and audio streaming services, a Caskeid App Developer Kit (ADK) will enable agnostic app support over Wi-Fi for any Caskeid speaker.

FlowCloud technology connects devices to the internet, enabling easy product registration and updates as well as access to partner-enabled services including FlowAudio, a cloud-based music and radio service that includes hundreds of thousands of radio stations, on-demand programmes, podcasts and more.

Onkyo devices based on Caskeid and FlowCloud will be compatible not only with each other, but also with other devices based on the same technologies, enabling users to enjoy the widest choice and best quality.

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Since 1946 Onkyo has been passionately committed to developing audio products that deliver uncommon performance, quality and value. Bundling proprietary technologies and innovations with other sound-enhancing exclusives, Onkyo continues to create award winning products that are lauded by industry leading audio publications. The company's philosophy is to deliver products that are superbly designed and built to a consistently outstanding standard of excellence. Today, Onkyo is at the forefront of the home theater and digital revolutions. For more information about fine Onkyo products, visit www.onkyo.com.

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Imagination is a global technology leader whose products touch the lives of billions of people throughout the world. The company's broad range of silicon IP (intellectual property) includes the key multimedia, communications and general purpose processors needed to create the SoCs (Systems on Chips) that power all mobile, consumer, automotive, enterprise, infrastructure, IoT and embedded electronics. These are complemented by its unique software and cloud IP and system solution focus, enabling its licensees and partners get to market quickly by creating and leveraging highly differentiated SoC platforms. Imagination's licensees include many of the world's leading semiconductor manufacturers, network operators and OEMs/ODMs who are creating some of the world's most iconic and disruptive products. See: www.imgtec.com.

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