PONSSE harvester head range for a new size class

Vierema, Finland, Feb. 28, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PONSSE harvester head range for a new size class

Ponsse's harvester head range has been extended with a new size class. PONSSE introduced its new harvester head models, PONSSE 10 and PONSSE H8 with a top saw, at the Oregon Logging Conference in the USA. The harvester heads are designed for the demanding harvesting conditions of North America.

The new PONSSE H10 opens up a new market for Ponsse: the H10 is a heavy-duty processing and harvesting head for track-based machines weighing over 25 tonnes. With the new size class of harvester heads, Ponsse is responding to the harvesting needs of local harvesting entrepreneurs.

"Our local customers are primarily harvesting logs using the cut-to-length method and forest machines with rubber tyres. However, sometimes the trees are so thick that track-based machines with processing heads are required. The fact that PONSSE Bear harvesters and PONSSE Elephant forwarders are even used for thinning gives a good idea of the conditions in the USA. In other industrial harvesting markets, these models are used for regeneration felling," says Jarmo Vidgren, sales and marketing director at Ponsse Plc.

"We have a lot of long-standing customer relationships in the USA, dating back to the early 90s. Cooperation with customers has always been good, which is also evidenced by the positive results of our product development."

The PONSSE H10 processing head has also been tested in the USA. Its durable body structure, good grip and powerful feeding ensure good productivity and a long service life. Thanks to the Opti control system, the H10 is dimensionally very accurate. The product development work performed in cooperation with customers has focussed on the easy controllability and maintenance of the harvester head. The PONSSE H8 with a top saw is designed for harvesting and processing difficult deciduous andconiferous trees in North America.

The product family of PONSSE harvester heads has been totally reformed over the last few years. All harvester heads in the different size categories are well suited for thinning, regeneration felling and multi-stemming, and multi-stemming with PONSSE harvester heads is possible without any additional equipment. Ponsse has been developing harvester heads since 1986.

Educational cooperation with the University of Oregon started

A cooperation agreement was also concluded with the University of Oregon during the Oregon Logging Conference. The university was supplied with a PONSSE Simulator designed for the modern training of forest machine operators.

"The University of Oregon is one of the leading universities providing forestry training in the USA," says Pekka Ruuskanen, managing director of Ponsse North America, Inc. The US market is handled by Ponsse North America Inc., a subsidiary of Ponsse established in 1995, together with a local retailer and contract maintenance network.

Pictures from the Oregon Logging Conference

PONSSE Bear and PONSSE BuffaloKing at Lee Miller's logging site in the USA

Further information on PONSSE H10
Pic tures of PONSSE H10
A video on PONSSE H10


Vierema, 28 February 2014

Jarmo Vidgren, Sales and Marketing Director, Ponsse Plc, tel. + 358 40 519 1486
Pekka Ruuskanen, Managing Director of Ponsse North America, Inc., tel. +1 715 360 0064

Forest machine entrepreneur Einari Vidgren founded Ponsse in 1970. Today, the family company has experience of more than 9,000 PONSSE forest machines from logging sites around the world, and the company's operations are still guided by the needs of forest machine entrepreneurs.

Ponsse manufactures sustainable, innovative wood harvesting solutions. The product range covers harvesters, forwarders, harvester heads, cranes and harvesting-related data system products. PONSSE forest machines are designed and manufactured in Vierema, Finland. Approximately 70% of the components of PONSSE machines are manufactured in-house, and the subcontracting network is mainly based in Finland. Ponsse has 11 subsidiaries and 26 retailers, and its service network covers almost 40 countries.

Source:Ponsse Plc