California orders Google to move its mystery barge

Bon voyage to Google's barge

Here on Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay, Google is being told to move its mystery barge.

State of California officials say the tech giant needs to move the structure by Friday, as it does not have the right building permits to keep it parked where it is.

But where Google is going to move the barge—which the company says will be an "interactive space" to showcase its various technologies, products and innovative projects—is still a bit of a mystery.

There was speculation the barge might be headed to Stockton, Calif., but the director of the Port of Stockton, Richard Achieris, told CNBC that Google has never contacted him. Achieris did say, however, that Stockton would be glad to take Google's barge if offered.

Local officials say that Google could possibly end up keeping the barge on Treasure Island, but it's going to need to have its paperwork in order, and quickly.

Google's barge in San Francisco Bay.
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Ben Schachter, who covers Google for Macquarie Capital, says the idea of a place for consumers to try out Google's products make sense. The "interactive space" sounds more like a showroom with hands-on exhibits, and less of an actual retail outlet.

Schachter said Google hopes the public will talk about its products, thereby generating buzz for the company's next big project—whatever it may be.

"It's a story in whatever port it's in," Schachter said.

Google refused to give any details on where the barge may be headed or when it may be open to the public and press.

By CNBC's Mark Berniker and Josh Lipton. Follow them on Twitter @markberniker and @CNBCJosh.