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ATLANTA and ORLANDO, Fla., March 4, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Adapt IP Ventures LLC announces a patent portfolio for sale with broad applicability in the healthcare IT and analytics marketplace from Jasos® Intellectual Property, LLC. The innovations protected by the Jasos patent portfolio include systems and methods to markedly decrease the cost of delivering high quality healthcare. The Jasos innovations accomplish this by enabling physicians to make better decisions at the time of treatment which, in turn, results in raising profitability of both the practice and the insurance network.

"As someone who has delivered healthcare for almost 40 years, I've seen countless costly treatment regimens for patients that may have been managed using lower-priced, equally effective medications when clinically appropriate," states Charles Lewis, R.Ph., MBA, Managing Partner of Jasos Intellectual Property. "Clinicians can maintain or improve the quality of care delivery when data is available to help with treatment decisions, as well as to provide feedback to help keep healthcare costs affordable."

Key characteristics & benefits of the patent portfolio include:

  • 4 issued US patents (2 patents reissued post-Bilski) including over 100 claims
  • 4 pending US patent applications
  • Currently 30+ patent families cite one or more Jasos patents; Discovery Holdings, McKesson and Humana cite the Jasos portfolio the most
  • Applications include healthcare IT, healthcare collections and recovery auditing, accountable care organizations (ACOs), healthcare insurers, disease state management, pharmacy benefits management (PBM) and success-fee based healthcare services

"The patented inventions are extremely significant in today's market where innovation efforts are targeted toward creation of a more efficient healthcare system. With the recent regulatory changes directed toward the healthcare insurance market, healthcare IT and analytics are huge growth segments. The Jasos assets will be of strong interest to companies focused on improving healthcare IT and financial management, as well as those seeking to acquire relevant patent protection," says Grant Moss, Founder and President of Adapt IP Ventures.

Companies interested in obtaining more information about the Jasos patent portfolio should contact Grant Moss of Adapt IP Ventures by email at

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About Jasos Intellectual Property LLC

Jasos Intellectual Property is part of the Jasos family of companies. Nectar Suite® and the Jasos® Group enable Managed Care Organizations, state Medicaid programs, self-funded employers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers to enhance cost-effective care delivery by maximizing provider information and use of nationally recognized care guidelines at the time of treatment. Jasos' patented methodologies help decrease unnecessary hospitalizations, manage utilization, and improve provider knowledge. and

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