Zalemark Holding Company, Inc. Signs Sales Distribution Agreement With the Famous Hispanic Icon Margarita O'Farrill Skin Essentials Brand

LOS ANGELES, March 4, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zalemark Holding Company, Inc. (OTC:ZMRK) announces it has signed an agreement with Iconic Hispanic Brand Skin Essentials Margarita O'Farrill.

Zalemark's President, Warren K. Nobusada states, "This strategic relationship will allow wider distribution of the Margarita O'Farrill Iconic brand. This brand has such a long famous history and an unparalleled reputation for quality with all natural ingredients. This brand has been the source for Hispanic women for many generations and has a long proven track record of keeping women's skin young and naturally beautiful."

About Margarita O'Farrill-In 1972 Margarita launched her own skin care products and named it the Skin Essentials. She got good advice from her grandfather Gustavo O'Farrill who was a skin doctor specializing in skin cancer, Dr. O'Farrill gave her different ingredients that were used for formulas to improve the skin since he had several laboratories which were regarded as the best in Latin America.

In 1976 Margarita decided to go to London to amplify her own knowledge in certain areas linked to her professional career. There, she did advanced studies and graduated from the famous schools of Cosmetology and Beauty "Porter & Evans School" and the prestigious "Lucy Clayton School."

Upon her return from London, Margarita once again resumed the direction of her now 5 schools and skin clinics in Los Angeles California, main location being at the Penthouse at the Roosevelt building located on 7th and Hope Street in downtown Los Angeles for the next 26 years.

Elsa O'Farrill is the daughter of Margarita O' Farrill and founder of Margarita O' Farrill Superacion Personal. An exceptional motivational speaker in the field of personal and professional development is one of most sought after speakers in the Hispanic community. Her dedication and commitment is to carry her mother's legacy.

"We are excited to be partnering with such a prominent marketing firm. This collaboration will bring my mother's skin care line to the next level in this competitive marketplace," stated Elsa O'Farrill, daughter of product founder, Margarita O'Farrill. Melania O'Farrill, granddaughter of the founder and one who has followed in her footsteps by graduating esthetician school added, "I am proud and honored that the genuine quality and care that goes into each and every one of my family's products will be available to benefit a much wider audience."

About COMPRALUX™- The Company, based in Los Angeles, California, produces independent television shopping programs that offer unique jewelry brands, skin care, and beauty products directed to the exploding underserved Hispanic community in the United States. COMPRALUX™ is supported by a fully functional commerce based web site ( with plans to launch exciting mobile applications in the very near future. With a strategic media and marketing approach, and an unparalleled customer service philosophy, COMPRALUX™ will take full advantage of the perfect convergence of a proven business model with the fastest growing demographic in the US and planned expansion worldwide.

About Zalemark Holding Company, Inc.- Zalemark Holding Company, Inc. is a publicly traded OTC company under the symbol "ZMRK". Zalemark is an award winning product design, development, distribution, and manufacturing company headed by a management team that only understands team work, perseverance, quality and success. Zalemark's Chairman Emeritus, Steven Zale states, "The ability to capture a brand and articulate it through design while remaining on the cutting edge of fashion is key and one of Zalemark's core strengths."

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