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Cramer: Big trend going to the dogs

Jim Cramer is always looking at exciting new developments in an attempt to identify larger and investable trends.

Guess what? He may have just found something.

"You know I talk a lot about the healthy eating as a long-term trend," reminded Cramer, "especially the growing interest in organic and natural foods. And I also talk a lot about how much money Americans spend on their pets."

Well, the next big theme lies at the intersection of these two trends.

That is, Cramer thinks there may be big opportunity in healthy foods for pets.

Source: CNBC

Consider the products of FreshPet, he said.

"It's a privately held maker of real, fresh food for pets; so fresh it must be refrigerated," he explained.

Initially retailers were skeptical of the business model, but sales have been so robust, almost every retailer has taken notice.

"In fact, the company is becoming a truly disruptive force in the industry," Cramer said. "And that's meaningful; the industry hasn't changed significantly in the last 70 years."

Although FreshPet is privately held and therefore is not accessible to individual investors, Cramer believes the trend warrants attention, nonetheless.

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Considering the American Pet Products Association estimates that people spent more than $55 billion on their pets last year with $21 billion going toward food, the trend of natural and organic pet foods may go to the dogs, rather quickly.

"I think this is a very intriguing story," Cramer said.

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