Encino Personal Injury Attorney, Farhad Hamdam, Offers Consultations for Automobile Accidents

Farhad Hamdam

Encino, CA, March 5, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Personal injury attorney, Farhad Hamdam, is offering consultations for those involved in automobile accidents. Those who have suffered injuries as a result of being in an accident should consult an attorney as soon as possible for proper protection of their rights and the possibility of compensation for medical and other related expenses.

About Farhad Hamdam, Automobile Accident Attorney Encino

Farhad Hamdam is an Encino car accident lawyer with extensive experience in working with victims of automobile accidents. Mr. Hamdam can help those who have suffered injury or loss through the legal process and preparation of a case. As a pedestrian accident lawyer in Encino, Mr. Hamdam has experience in working with insurance companies and works with vigilance to protect the rights and needs of his clients. Visit http://www.hamdamlaw.com for more information.

Those who have been involved in a vehicular collision may experience various injuries that range from mild to severe. The healing process may be as little as a few days or may last many years for those involving permanent disability as a result. The medical bills may be extensive, even for those with temporary injuries.

Depending on the types of injuries sustained and the severity of the condition, specialists may also be required. Surgeons and physical therapists may be needed in addition to the preliminary emergency room services or primary care physician appointments.

In addition to medical bills, those who are injured in an automobile accident may miss a significant amount of work during the recovery process. This lost time means a loss in paychecks and the money necessary to take care of themselves and their families.

Insurance companies are looking to save money and do not wish to pay more than they feel is necessary. Those who suffer serious injury from a collision will not always receive the proper compensation from an insurance company without the assistance of an experienced and qualified lawyer. Those who have experienced an accident in the Los Angeles area can speak with this Encino personal injury lawyer who can help to protect an accident victim's rights while fighting for proper compensation for medical treatments, lost wages from employment, pain and suffering, and other damages.

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