Phoenix Chiropractor Treats Peripheral Neuropathy With Innovative Technology

PHOENIX, March 5, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Using state of the art technology, BackFit Health + Spine in Phoenix has employed the used of Combined Electrochemical Treatment (CET) to treat patients suffering from acute and chronic forms of peripheral neuropathy. CET has presented itself as a dramatically effective solution to the painful symptoms associated with nerve damage due to diabetes and/or chemotherapy treatments. Peripheral neuropathy patients undergoing CET therapy have found relief from severely debilitating symptoms.

Peripheral neuropathy denotes damage to the peripheral nervous system, the network of nerves which transmits information from the brain and central nervous system to every part of the body, and sensory information, like pain, heat, or cold, from the body to the brain. Peripheral neuropathy has several causes: auto-immune disorders, systemic disorders, diabetes, exposure to toxins, injuries, tumors, nutritional deficiencies, and metabolic disorders.

Over 100 different types of peripheral neuropathy have been identified. Each type affects different nerves and causes a unique combination of symptoms. The functions which are impaired depend on the types of nerves which have been damaged. Motor nerves control all conscious muscle movement, like walking or talking; sensory nerves communicate sensory experience, like sensing temperatures; and autonomic nerves control bodily functions, like breathing, the heartbeat, and digestion. Depending on the types of nerves damaged, the patient will experience a distinctive combination of symptoms ranging from tingling, burning, cramping, pain, and numbness to difficultly sleeping, poor balance, and muscle weakness. The symptoms of peripheral neuropathy can be truly painful and devastating, keeping patients from normal daily activities.

BackFit Health + Spine uses CET to treat the underlying cause of peripheral neuropathy by promoting the re-growth of nerve tissue to reduce, and sometimes eliminate, pain and inflammation. Other peripheral neuropathy treatments, which are not always effective, rely heavily on oral medications or invasive surgery. CET provides a non-invasive, pain-free alternative to surgeries and medications.

"Many of our CET patients suffering from peripheral neuropathy have found relief from their pain, experiencing either partial or full recovery," says Dr. Martha Reyes, one of BackFit Health + Spine's on-staff medical doctors. She says, "Several of our patients have been able to enjoy the return to their normal lifestyles and a full range of activities."

CET therapy combines two well-established procedures, local anesthetics and electronic signal therapy (ETS) to effectively treat both idiopathic and diabetic peripheral neuropathy. During a CET session, patients receive a local anesthetic to block nerves, increasing circulation, relieving immediate pain, and limiting nervous system activity during the treatment. The patient's nerves are then stimulated with ETS, which is delivered by an innovative wave generator designed specifically to treat peripheral neuropathy.

In addition to CET therapy for patients suffering from peripheral neuropathy, BackFit Health + Spine is a full-service chiropractic care center. Its Phoenix chiropractor offers a variety of treatments to promote wellness.

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