Pneumatech Launches New Brand, Mark

ROCK HILL, S.C., March 5, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pneumatech, a global provider of industry-leading compressed air and gas treatment solutions, today introduced its new branding platform for use across its international markets. The platform includes a new logo and tagline, a new house style and color scheme, and a clearer positioning of Pneumatech, its products and application areas.

The new branding is designed to more clearly communicate the benefits that customers can gain from integrating Pneumatech products into their industrial facilities , while demonstrating that Pneumatech understands and identifies with the industries and application areas of its customers.

"Our new branding has been created to reaffirm our leading position in the compressed air and gas marketplace with a more clear, coherent message," says Ellen Steck, President of Pneumatech in North America. "At the same time, it demonstrates our ongoing commitment to our current, loyal customers and will enable us to further develop new customer relationships throughout the world."

The most visible elements of the new brand are:

Logo – The new Pneumatech logo is clean, simple and pure to reflect the company's business of providing clean, pure air and gas in a straightforward, no-frills way.

Tagline – The equally simple and direct tagline – Pure air. Pure gas. – further communicates the essence of what Pneumatech delivers.

Colors – The combination of blue (air) and green (nitrogen) clearly reflects Pneumatech's business.

Benefits – The website and promotional material will stress the three key benefits of pure air and pure gas, namely pure protection, pure production, and pure profitability.

Applications – Pneumatech intends to focus on specific application areas in the automotive, textiles, power generation, general industry, oil & gas, food & beverage, pharmaceutical and electronics industries.

"We are confident that this new corporate brand will help our customers, business partners, suppliers and employees more clearly understand our mission and vision," adds Steck. "While we add these improvements, the current strengths of Pneumatech remain in force with full momentum. We're working harder to continue to provide the same dedicated, focused and high-quality customer care – before, during and the after sale – in all of the countries in the world where we operate."

About Pneumatech:

Founded in 1966, Pneumatech is a world leader in compressed air and gas system engineering, offering a large range of air and gas drying equipment while providing custom-design capabilities and customer service globally. Pneumatech is a certified manufacturer of refrigerated dryers, regenerative dryers, landfill and biogas dryers, drains, after-coolers, filters, nitrogen and oxygen generators and closed loop coolers.

Pneumatech achieved triple certification ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 for quality, environment, health & safety across it's production facilities in the United States, Europe and China. Pneumatech specializes in a wide range of industries including automotive, textile, power generation, general industry, oil & gas, food & beverage, pharmaceutical and electronics.

You can trust us to protect your processes, your products, your applications, and your reputation.

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