Oplink to Showcase the RayXpress(TM) Platform for Flexible Grid CDC ROADM at OFC 2014

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FREMONT, Calif., March 6, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Oplink Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq:OPLK), a leading provider of optical communication components, intelligent modules and subsystems, today announced that it will be demonstrating its RayXpress™ ROADM subsystem platform at OFC 2014. This introduction highlights Oplink's ability and commitment to continually innovate industry-leading photonic solutions to support the next generation optical networks.

Designed to enable the flexible grid, colorless, directionless and contentionless (CDC) ROADM, the RayXpress™ platform is an end-to-end solution based on a wavelength-selective photonic engine and a Programmable Broadcast-Route-and-Select (PBRS) architecture, both patent-pending, that altogether performs as a wavelength-selective cross-connect (WSX or WXC) while supporting the CDC Add/Drop ports. As a step up from Oplink's existing RayDirector® family of the standalone wavelength selective switches (WSS), this subsystem features a different wavelength selective core engine and additional in-house built-in key functional blocks of flexible grid OCM, OSC transceiver, amplifiers/amplifier array, fiber shuffle and multicast switches, as well as the turnkey circuit pack- or chassis-level integration that is capable of executing network interface protocols.

"The PBRS architecture is a unique, exciting cross-over between the dominant Broadcast-and-Select (B&S) and the emerging Route-and-Select (R&S) architectures and can be software configured to emulate the strength of either," said Dr. Shawn Lin, Vice President of Marketing of Oplink. "While the R&S employs multiple costly high port count twin WSSs geared for the high degree nodes in the core networks, the PBRS-based RayXpress™ offers a compelling complementary alternative in terms of significant savings on cost, space and power for the lower degree nodes found in the metro regional, enterprise, data center and Cloud networking applications. It represents a technological breakaway from the conventional WSS approach with uncompromised channel isolation and manageable OSNR trade-off that are commonly concerned in the current generation B&S architecture. Furthermore, the industry well-understood benefits associated with its flexible grid capable optics for being wavelength agile and speed/modulation format agnostic position RayXpress™ well to support non-coherent or coherent 40G/100G/200G/400G networks and beyond," continued Dr. Lin.

Oplink also intends to develop APIs for RayXpress™ open to system designers in an effort to provide a Software Defined ROADM (SDR) subsystem as the Software Defined Network (SDN) evolution drives deeper towards standardization of the photonic layer.

The live demo of the RayXpress™ will be showcased together with Oplink's 4x28G DWDM CFP incorporating direct detection receiver with MLSE digital signal processing. In addition, Oplink will have on display highlighted products from its broad portfolio of optical products, including its latest WSS, amplifiers, passive devices and portfolio of 10G to 100G transceivers. Visit Oplink at OFC 2014, March 11-13, at the Moscone Center, Booth #1621.

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