Net Net: Promoting innovation and managing change
Net Net: Promoting innovation and managing change

All clear on jobs front? Hmmm, maybe not so much

Today's jobs surprise

Friday's nonfarm payrolls report easily beat Wall Street expectations but may not be quite what Wall Street wanted.

The headline gain of 175,000 jobs offered hope that the weather slowdown from the past two months had abated. Yet the gains remained beneath trend and indicative that the economic picture for 2014 remains clouded.

Ultimately, the markets will decide.

Stocks wobbled through trading Friday and bond yields jumped as the first signs of inflation fear arose in trading.

Ultimately, it looks like the recovery will be put through additional tests before a final verdict is rendered. Check out the latest installment of NetNet TV as CNBC's Patti Domm and Jeff Cox deliberate the road ahead.

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