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Cramer impressed by this company’s growth


The Street rewards growth. And Jim Cramer likes a stock that the Street rewards.

Although the "Mad Money" host often identifies companies with significant growth potential, on Friday he turned attention to as a spec growth play.

"It's a cloud based software maker," Cramer explained.

Cramer has been quite vocal about his enthusiasm for companies that leverage cloud computing because he feels they have the potential to grow quickly and significantly. appears to be no exception.

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"You see, Cornerstone makes cloud based software that helps companies become more competitive by managing its employee recruitment, training and performance management," Cramer said.

Cramer believes that kind of service is particularly valuable in this hyper-competitive landscape.

"Companies have been managing people in much the same way for about 150 years," added Cornerstone CEO Adam Miller during an interview on "Mad Money". Yet the workforce has changed dramatically in only the last 10 years."

Today, "people work from home, work unconventional hours and small companies have a global presence," Miller explained

Those and other factors need to be taken into account in the modern work world.

"The software provided by Cornerstone helps companies do exactly that. The software helps companies figure out how to recruit the right people, how to board them quickly, make them more productive and develop their talents," explained Miller.

Hence Cramer's belief in the enormous growth potential.

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"Cornerstone is still taking share from old-school software companies like Oracle, and in its most recent quarter, the company said expected bookings were up 51% year over year," Cramer noted. "I think this is a theme with staying power. "

"I originally recommended Cornerstone for speculation nearly two years ago, and since then the stock's rallied 182%; that's a magnificent gain," Cramer noted. Although he doesn't advocate chasing, in this case, Cramer thinks the opportunity is so significant, the stock warrants attention here and now, at current levels.

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