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Cramer’s game plan: 7 potential bull signals ahead

Cramer: Corporate profits feed bull market

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It seems the market didn't know what to do with Friday's job number.

"Many, many money managers, including managers invested in bonds, truly believed that the economy had softened and this number would be very weak, maybe the weakest in ages," explained Jim Cramer.

But it wasn't.

The latest jobs number showed that U.S. employers added 175,000 jobs to their payrolls in February. Economists had expected a gain of 149,000 jobs, according to a Reuters poll.

Investors couldn't decide if the positive jobs number was an aberration or if the terribly cold winter had skewed earlier results, negatively.

Stocks ended mixed with investors immediately focused on events coming next week.

Pros, including the "Mad Money" host, now want to see if forthcoming earnings and events confirm that the economy is, indeed, growing as the jobs report suggests.

Following are the items on Cramer's calendar.

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Cramer says two big conferences warrant attention on Monday.

"First there's the JP Morgan Aviation, Transportation and Industrials Conference." Cramer will be looking for commentary on the airlines. If it's bullish, as Cramer expects it will be, he's a buyer of . "I think it has the most potential," Cramer said.

"I'll also be listening to the Deutsche Bank Media, Internet And Telecom Conference," Cramer added. He wants to hear just how optimistic presenters sound about future opportunities. "I really want to hear from Google, Discovery, Viacom and TripAdvisor," he said. "If they can generate excitement, I think it will send their stocks higher."


On Tuesday, Cramer intends to keep an ear out for the Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2014 Consumer & Retail Conference. "We have a lot of flux in retail, but I'll be watching Wal-Mart, Nordstrom, Starbucks and Brinker," Cramer said. There's a lot to learn about the state of retail. If commentary is positive, it could be viewed as confirmation of the stronger jobs data


On Wednesday, Cramer will be monitoring the JPMorgan Gaming, Lodging, Restaurant & Leisure Management Access Forum. "I'll be zeroing in on Yum Brands. I want to hear what they say about China." Optimism should be well received by the Street. "Also, I'll be listening to Dunkin Brands, and I'll compare what they have to say about coffee prices with comments from Starbucks made the day before."

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Cramer will also be watching earnings. Williams Sonoma will release quarterly results on Wednesday. "This company carries an unusual amount of weight because it's so correlated with home spending," Cramer explained. These results could be very telling.


On Thursday, earnings from Dollar General will command Cramer's attention. Not only will results provide insights on consumer spending, but "I keep hearing that Dollar General's interested in acquiring Family Dollar. I bet we either find out or put that rumor to rest on the forthcoming conference call."


On Friday, Cramer intends to monitor developments at the GT Advanced Technologies analyst meeting. "This is a company with breakthrough sapphire based technology and fantastic LED products. They'll lay out their new goods at this analyst meeting, and I hope to learn as much as I can about what may be one of the most fascinating stocks out there," Cramer said. Again, positive commentary may also be viewed as a broader bullish signal.

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