Delhaize Group Announces ADS Ratio Change

BRUSSELS, Belgium, March 7, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Delhaize Group (Euronext Brussels: DELB, NYSE: DEG), the Belgian international food retailer, announces today that on April 7, 2014 the Delhaize Group American Depositary Shares (ADSs) traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) will undergo a ratio change that has the effect of a 4 for 1 split. The ratio will change from the current one ADS for one ordinary share to four ADSs for one ordinary share. There will be no change to Delhaize Group underlying ordinary shares.

The notice made by Citibank, N.A. to Delhaize Group ADS holders:




COMPANY: Delhaize Group, a societe anonyme/naamloze vennootschap organized under the laws of Belgium (the "Company").
DEPOSITARY: Citibank, N.A.
DEPOSITED SECURITIES: Ordinary shares of the Company (the "Shares").
DEPOSIT AGREEMENT: Second Amended and Restated Deposit Agreement, dated as of May 3, 2013 ("Deposit Agreement"), by and among the Company, the Depositary, and all Holders and Beneficial Owners of ADSs issued thereunder.
ADS CUSIP NO.: 29759W101.
EFFECTIVE DATE: April 7, 2014.

Notice is hereby given that the ADS-to-Share ratio will be changed, effective as of the Effective Date, as follows:

Existing ADS-to-Share Ratio: 1 ADS to 1 Share
New ADS-to-Share Ratio: 4 ADSs to 1 Share

No action on the part of Holders or Beneficial Owners is required. As a result of the ratio change, holders of ADSs will be receiving 3 additional ADSs for every ADS held as of the ADS record date of April 1, 2014. The books of the Depositary will be closed for ADS issuances and cancellations from close of business in New York on April 1, 2014 through the close of business in New York on April 9, 2014.

Please note that ADRs that were issued prior to the Effective Date and do not reflect the new ADS-to-Share ratio, do not need to be exchanged for new ADRs and may remain outstanding until such time as the Holder chooses to surrender them for any reason under the Deposit Agreement.

A copy of the form of ADR reflecting the new ADS-to-Share ratio will be filed with the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission ("SEC") by the Depositary pursuant to Rule 424(b) under the Registration Statement on Form F-6 for the ADSs (Reg. No. 333-156798) on or before April 7, 2014 and may be retrieved after such date from the SEC website at

If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact the Delhaize ADR Shareholder Services line at Citibank, N.A. at 1-877-853-2191.


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Delhaize Group is a Belgian international food retailer present in nine countries on three continents. At the end of 2013, Delhaize Group's sales network consisted of 3 534 stores. In 2013, Delhaize Group posted €21.1 billion ($28.0 billion) in revenues. In 2012, Delhaize Group posted €104 million ($134 million) in net profit (Group share). At the end of 2012, Delhaize Group employed approximately 158 000 people. Delhaize Group's stock is listed on NYSE Euronext Brussels (DELB) and the New York Stock Exchange (DEG).

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