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Smart PJs! High-tech educational toys for tots

Tech Yeah! Playing to learn
Tech Yeah! Playing to learn

From toy drones to Furby Booms there are plenty of tech toys for children. But if your child's wish list is lacking in the educational department there are a few standout high-tech toys worth considering.

Tiggly Shapes works with a mobile app. The four colorful, soft, silicone shapes interact with an iPad to teach kids about shapes and to help them develop motor skills, said Trae Bodge, senior editor of

The Ubooly can tell stories, play games and can send your kids on all sorts of creative adventures through simply downloading the app. A user would just need to insert their iOS or Android smartphone into the slot of the stuffed toy so that the phone becomes the face and voice of the Ubooly doll.

That item even works with old phones with no data plan and it gets "smarter" the more a user plays, Bodge noted.

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Shoppers also have the option of "smart" clothing that can be used as a learning tool for children.

Brookstone's Smart PJs are interactive pajamas that work with a mobile app. Either a parent or child can scan one of the groups of dots on the Smart PJs with an iOS device to access one of 47 bedtime stories and fun facts, said Bodge.

Bodge also noted that these educational toys, which are all priced at about $30, are ideal for toddlers. So if you're a parent who has a child that is age 3 and up, you may want to consider a VTech InnoTab 3S tablet instead that comes with age-appropriate games, she said.

—By CNBC's Erika Santoro.