Beverly Hills Chiropractor Recommends Varying Exercise Routines for Wellness

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., March 9, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A Beverly Hills Chiropractor encourages a new way of exercising that promises better weight loss results and avoids common exercise related stress injuries. Cross training (Cross Fit and HIIT) has gained some traction over the years as it offers the human body new fitness challenges to master.

The problem with traditional workout routines is the inevitable "plateau," says Dr. Jacobsen of Beverly Hills Comprehensive Medical Group Executive ER, a Beverly Hills clinic that provides urgent care services, chiropractic services, a weight loss program, and physical therapy. He adds that a plateau is when the body seems to stop benefiting from certain exercises or exercise routines. Mixing things up by adding new exercises stimulates the body in different ways, addresses new muscle groups, and leads to further muscle development or definition.

Another benefit of varying exercises has little to do with the results and more to do with eliminating boredom. "People who are bored with their fitness routines, often find excuses to avoid them," warns Dr. Jacobsen.

Traditional wisdom has been to find an exercise routine that works and go with it. The theory is that any exercise is better than no exercise, which is true. However, Dr. Jacobsen recommends varying exercises in order to achieve more significant fitness and weight loss results, "CrossFit or High Intensive Interval Training is great for fighting boredom and weight loss. More significantly, from a chiropractic point of view, it's important to vary exercises in order avoid overworking a specific muscle set and throwing the back out of alignment in the process."

Dr. Jacobsen wants to make it clear that, "There are benefits from daily exercise, even if it's the same routine each day. Varying the routine, doing new exercises every day, or even changing routines every one or two weeks, though, provides better fitness results."

When it comes to overall wellness, switching exercises frequently helps to reduce the risk of overtraining the muscles. There are multiple ways to vary an exercise routine, advices the chiropractor. He encourages patients to consider boosting the intensity of their exercise routines. Walkers, for instance, might walk faster, use hills or steps rather than walking on a level path, or even add ankle and wrist weights. The other way to vary routines is by changing the timing or order of their routines, Dr. Jacobsen says, which also helps to avoid overexertion of particular muscles.

Dr. Jacobsen serves as a chiropractor at the Beverly Hills Comprehensive Medical Group, Executive ER. In addition to offering spinal adjustments, the Beverly Hills wellness clinic also offers urgent care medical services, physical therapy, and the ExecuSlim weight loss program. Many of the exercises Dr. Jacobsen introduces are ideal for the weight loss program, which combines a low glycemic diet with fitness, vitamin supplements, and medication as needed. Executive ER is currently accepting new patients.

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