Rapid Release Therapy Offers Pain Relief, Return to Health for Patients

AVON, Ind., March 9, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- An Avon physical medicine practice recommends a non-invasive technique called Rapid Release Therapy to remove scar tissue from patients. The therapy is ideal for improving range of motion and managing pain, according to the Avon chiropractor at SpinalCare Physical Medicine.

Rapid Release Therapy (RRT) is a non-invasive technique designed to eliminate scar tissue in a patient who has undergone surgical procedures, experienced trauma, or undergone repetitive stress. Rapid Release Therapy removes scar tissue by using compression waves to break up and dislodge the scar tissue.

Normal tissue is served by the body's blood supply, preventing it from becoming brittle and callous. Scar tissue, however, forms as a temporary tissue base to promote healing. Eventually, the scar tissue will lose its vascularization (blood supply). This is what causes problems in the body as it forms adhesions to other tissues and structures, and often leads to chronic pain or hard-to-treat issues that hurt quality of life.

Staff at SpinalCare Physical Medicine recommend myofascial release through RRT to remove problematic scar tissue. The use of RRT does not affect healthy tissue. Only dead scar tissue is affected by the unique shearing characteristics of the compression waves.

Many patients present to their chiropractor with unique challenges related to injury, says Dr. John Dettmer, D.C., a chiropractor at SpinalCare Physical Medicine in Avon, IN. Using RRT for myofascial release can address issues related to: range of motion; neuromas; shoulder, ankle, and knee pain; adhesions; back and neck pain; tendonitis; muscle spasms; trapped nerves; contractures; adhesions; headaches; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ). "The vast majority of patients who elect to undergo myofascial release with RRT can expect positive outcomes," the chiropractor adds.

Dr. Dettmer says he is particularly apt to recommend RRT when pain management is of primary concern, as the reliance on habit-forming drugs with adverse side effects may become less necessary as the patient's pain symptoms improve. Deaths related to pain drug overdose have tripled in recent years in the United States. Furthermore, the costs of these medications can be prohibitive for those with insufficient healthcare insurance or no access to healthcare insurance at all. For these reasons, many physicians have encouraged their patients to consider the benefits of RRT, especially those looking to improve their range of motion and achieve a greater degree of pain alleviation.

SpinalCare Physical Medicine combines a neuro-medical philosophy with chiropractic methods to provide its patients with a full, complementary range of service and treatment options for a variety of conditions. The expert staff at SpinalCare Physical Medicine bring over 30 years of advanced chiropractic practice to the community they serve. Their dedication to effective, safe treatment modalities such as Rapid Release Therapy for myofascial release serves as the basis for their success among the patients whom they serve.

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