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Cramer surveys bayou country for opportunity

Louisiana Gov.: American ingenuity still works

Jim Cramer is willing to go anywhere and do anything to make you money. That includes packing up his TV show and taking it to Louisiana to explore the many opportunities he believes are connected to the energy renaissance underway, right now, in the Gulf of Mexico region.

"American technology has unlocked new resources buried deep beneath the waves," said the "Mad Money" host. "And it promises to power a new industrial revolution happening right before our eyes."

Jim Cramer couldn't be more enthusiastic about this theme; he believes it could change the fortunes of our nation, the profits of companies harnessed to the theme and the financial positions of investor who hold their shares.

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Therefore, he advocates doing the necessary research, selecting high quality companies leveraged to the theme, with strong leadership and good financials, and then pulling the trigger when appropriate.

Although Cramer has identified countless energy renaissance plays in the past, on Monday's broadcast he focused on only a handful of stocks. However all of these stocks illustrate the virtuous ripple that could be generated by the theme in different ways.

For example, Cramer thinks the energy renaissance could generate significant tailwinds for Nucor, a maker of steel products.

That's largely because natural gas is a major input cost for Nucor. "So Nucor is taking advantage of low nat gas prices and building a brand new iron processing plant on the banks of the Mississippi," Cramer said. "In turn, the abundance of energy should allow Nucor to make the finest steel America has to offer at the best possible price."

Energy XXI Limited CEO: 95% success rate on development wells

Cramer also noted the potential for Energy XXI. "This company takes older reserves and using new technology, gives them new life." Cramer believes the technology will prove extremely valuable making mature energy fields completely viable again.

Also Cramer cited Haliburton as another potential winner. "It's the second largest oil service play on earth with major exposure to America," Cramer said. As a provider of services and products needed for energy exploration, if any company stands to profit from the theme, Cramer thinks its Haliburton.

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Now, make no mistake. These aren't the only companies leveraged to the domestic energy renaissance—it's simply that these the companies illustrate some of the many ways Cramer hopes you will view this theme as you put money to work.

But however you decide to put money to work, Cramer wants to make certain you're aware of the significant profit potential he believes should lie ahead.

"Opportunity is knocking and it's knocking loudly," Cramer said. "The American oil and gas revolution is a key long-term theme that I think you can profit from for years to come."

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