CC2014 China Action Plan for Internet Copyright Protection Officially Launched

BEIJING, China, March 11, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CC2014 China Action Plan for Internet Copyright Protection (CC: Copyright Clean)" instructed by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Copyright, co-sponsored by the Beijing Copyright Protection Center and the Capital Copyright Industry Alliance, organized by Shenzhen Xunlei Networking Technologies, Ltd, jointly participated by many enterprises such as,,, Galloping Horse, Huayi Brothers Media, etc. has officially launched in Beijing on March 11, 2014.

The "Action Plan for Internet Copyright Protection" has launched to better advance genuineness process of domestic network video, join hands to establish science and technology right protection platform, collective right protection platform and infringement publicity platform in the Internet industry, and finally form long-term mechanism for copyright protection.

Lu Zhipeng, Director of Copyright Management Department of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Copyright and Vice-Chairman of the Capital Copyright Industry Alliance said: "CC2014 China Action Plan for Internet Copyright Protection will form authority-enterprise-copyright owner linkage mechanism and vigorously crack down on pirate behavior continuously through all means such as monitoring, filtering, supervision, etc. in the future and create a green and healthy industry environment."

In addition, Sun Yue, Secretary General of the Copyright Society of China, Xue Feng, Director of the Beijing Copyright Protection Center, Wang Bin, Secretary General of the Dispute Resolution Center of Internet Society of China, Fei Anling, Dean of Juris Master School of China University of Political Science and Law, etc. attended the conference and gave affirmation and support on the activity. Secretary General Sun Yue indicated: "we are glad to see that all network video companies join hands to continue the work of copyright protection, jointly eliminate industrial malpractices and advance genuineness process of the Internet copyright industry in China."

Xunlei,, and representatives of the copyright owner delivered related speeches and expressed their opinions on copyright protection at the conference. As the organizer of the conference, Wang Shanna, President of Beijing Xunlei indicated that Xunlei wished to make a contribution to further advance genuineness process of China Internet and jointly establish long-term mechanism for Internet copyright protection on the basis of the joint action.

At the same time, multilateral representatives jointly call on participants of network video industry to shoulder proper social responsibility and duty and join hands to boycott pirate and hotlink behavior. For this reason, "CC2014 China Action Plan for Internet Copyright Protection" particularly points out that enterprises which are still engaged in pirate and hotlink of network video should respect the labor of participants of network video industry and immediately stop behaviors like infringement and unfair competition, etc.

With official launching of "CC2014 China Action Plan for Internet Copyright Protection," we are convinced that under concerted efforts of industry and enterprises, we can jointly create a fine and harmonious development environment while improving copyright management and protection level with positive attitude of jointly establishing platform and joining hands to advance.

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