Digital Check Announces Availability of Encrypted Card Reader Plug-In for Scanners

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LAS VEGAS, March 11, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Digital Check Corporation today announced the availability of the DockXpress encrypted card reader, which works as a modular docking station for its popular CheXpress and TellerScan series of check scanners. The DockXpress uses a specialized magnetic read head to encrypt card data immediately as it is swiped, protecting it from threats such as the RAM-scraping malware used in last year's Target data breach. Digital Check began taking orders for the card reader in January, and the first units shipped this month.

"Very few merchants today use encryption from end to end starting at the read head, even though it is currently the only way to be certain you are protected against this style of attack," said Rick Ooten, Digital Check's director of product management. "Many of the people who use our scanners are exactly these merchants and small business owners who could benefit from improving their data security, so we are happy to provide a simple and inexpensive way to do that."

The encryption head in the DockXpress uses hardwired, chip-based encoding, rendering it impervious to software hacking. It is also hardened against card skimmer attacks, and will not function if an attempt is made to alter or bypass it.

With a stock MagTek read head and a standard USB 2.0 connection, the DockXpress is designed for compatibility with a wide range of existing POS systems, and can be plugged in as an additional card reader in many configurations. DockXpress operates like a docking station, andfits underneath the base of the TellerScan or CheXpress scanner and uses the same power supply, minimizing cable clutter and the countertop footprint. It also comes with two powered USB 2.0 ports to connect additional peripherals such as PIN pads and receipt printers.

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