Filmmaker Launches 14-Day Campaign to get on Late Night Television

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NEW YORK, March 11, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Film director Jimmy Newson is challenging the world and asking people to "wake up their entrepreneurial spirit," which he believes is inside each of us. He is launching an innovative and aggressive, 14-day campaign to promote his new film, A Billion Entrepreneurs and touch all corners of the globe. He envisions a world with "An Entrepreneur in Every Home," and believes that there is a lot at stake for humanity.

The race is on...and it is starting March 11th with a video teaser. A new film clip will be released every business day for 14 days, and at the end, the hope is that Mr. Newson will catapult himself onto a late night talk show with his unique message of entrepreneurship, and for humanity.

"I believe that the world is about to experience an entrepreneurial explosion. But I feel strongly that it needs to be wrapped in a movement. And that's what this movie is about," exclaims Newson who is determined to make this happen. "It is the ultimate pressure test to publicize this cause and start a global movement."

The video release will begin on Tuesday, March 11th and continue each business day for 14 days, ending on Friday, March 28th, 2014. The results of the crusade will be announced on their YouTube channel at 6pm EST on Monday, March 31. The campaign begins on the YouTube channel at and will be expanded to other social media channels such as FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, and more, plus the ABE funding campaign on

The campaign trail of news releases is as follows. Titles and subjects may change during the course of this campaign:

Day 1 – Filmmaker launches 14-day campaign to get on late night TV. The 14-Day "Global-Touch" Crusade.

Day 2 – Why you should discover your purpose before you die. Entrepreneurs have a vision to change the world.

Day 3 – Does entrepreneurism have an age limit? What are the limitations to discovering your entrepreneurial spirit?

Day 4 – Filmmaker partners with theater chain to promote crowd-funding campaign.

Day 5 – Do companies who contribute win? Can your company benefit from a public appearance makeover?

Day 6 – Are you an entrepreneurial mom? How can stay-at-home moms change the world?

Day 7 – A Billion Entrepreneurs, The Movie, resonates with the social media community.

Day 8 - Cultivating your inner entrepreneur. Do you have the success gene? Are you born with it, or do you learn it?

Day 9 - Who's to blame for your bad luck? With no plan, you are planning to fail.

Day 10 – What tools do you need to be successful? 5 tools every entrepreneur should have.

Day 11 - Is crowd funding right for you? It's about more than money.

Day 12 - How you can make sure your children are being the best they can be.

Day 13 - Is there a place for entrepreneurs in the corporate environment?

Day 14 - How to change the world and not stand in the way. You could be your biggest roadblock.

Day 15- Post Campaign Results - Does the filmmaker make it to late night TV?

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