Candelis Announces 'Failover' Capability for Its ImageGrid

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NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., March 12, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Candelis today announced Failover support for its class-leading ImageGrid medical image router/archive appliances.

Candelis ImageGrid appliances are frequently employed in high volume medical imaging facilities to provide for very high-performance support of medical imaging workflows. ImageGrid seamlessly coexists with existing PACS and EMR/EHR systems in a majority of these installations, cooperatively ensuring archiving, availability and secure routing of medical images to doctors both on and off-premise.

ImageGrid's capabilities are extensive: industry-leading DICOM services, rich HL7 services, policy-based routing services, split/merge/linking, QC, modification, web-based administration, transparent query and an extensive list of additional features.

"ImageGrid appliances serve as infrastructure cornerstones addressing the most daunting challenges at some of the largest facilities in the world. The increasing reliance on these systems spurred the constituents of these facilities to ask us to provide high-availability capabilities, and we have obliged," said Steven Higgins, Candelis' CTO.

Finally, it's worthwhile to note that ImageGrid provides an onramp to ASTRA, Candelis' industry-leading cloud services, providing customers with capabilities like backup/restore, archive/retrieve, DR, automated report and study distribution, electronic ingestion and QC of externally-generated studies and a variety of powerful and beautiful client interfaces for referring physicians – either browser-based or via iPhone/iPad.

ImageGrid appliances have enjoyed the fastest adoption curve in medical imaging; to date, they have been deployed in over 2000 facilities worldwide.

About Candelis

A medical informatics company based in Newport Beach, California, CandelisTM develops innovative, cost-effective solutions for the healthcare IT industry specifically focused on image management, visualization, workflow, archival and reporting. Candelis provides these solutions in the areas of Mammography, Radiation Therapy/Oncology and General Radiology to hospitals, imaging centers and clinics.

Candelis' technical leadership has been validated through a number of very successful OEM partnerships with tier 1 healthcare vendors. The company's cloud services offering, marketed under the ASTRATM brand, has been recognized as a transformational solution. ASTRA leverages the evolution of cloud-based computing and storage to enable the secure, rapid and reliable transfer and sharing of studies, images and reports amongst healthcare facilities.

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