Courtesy Auto Service and Tire in Tacoma is Dedicated to Serving the JBLM Military Community

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TACOMA, Wash., March 12, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- One of the many qualities that make Courtesy Auto Service and Tire in Tacoma, Washington the absolute choice for customers is their dedicated commitment to taking care of the JBLM Military service members: active-duty, veterans, reserves, retirees and their families.

The owner of Courtesy, Mr. Scott Welsh, takes great pride in making sure that those who dedicate their lives to protecting our freedoms are given the utmost respect and honor when they arrive at his facility.

Mr. Welsh says: "Serving the military families and service men and women in the greater Pierce county area is important to us. These are people that have sacrificed a lot for you and me and they deserve the quality that you would expect your own family to receive. We do business with many branches of the military and have supported them in recruiting efforts, fundraising efforts and in other ways. Our business has always put a priority on providing quality service to the military, the service members and their families. We truly appreciate them."

Courtesy has credit plans for all military branches through Pioneer Credit Services which includes financing and same-day servicing of retail installments for military and civil service branches.

"It is important to offer these men and women that serve our country a little extra. That is why we have a published Military Discount policy and can provide specialized financing for them," says Mr. Welsh. "They deserve a little extra because they do so much for our local economy and country in unselfish ways."

Scott Welsh has 31 years of experience in the Tire and Automotive service business starting with Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company in 1983.

He held many positions over the years until leaving Goodyear in 1996 and 10 years ago started Courtesy Auto Service and Tire of Tacoma at the Tacoma Mall, specializing in maintenance, repair, diagnosis and problem solving.

Scott Welsh is actively involved in the community as well. He says: "I believe it is beneficial for any sized business to provide quality products and services and especially an incredible customer service experience for all its customers. It's very important to have an ethical footprint in the city of Tacoma. I'm very proud and passionate about my business and my community. That is the only reason we exist - for our customers. The military presence in the greater Pierce County area deserves great products and services."

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