Veolia Transportation Awarded Its First State-Wide Medicaid Contract

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LINCOLN, Neb., March 12, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ryan Larsen, President for Veolia's IntelliRide Division, announced this week that Veolia has been awarded the company's first state-wide Medicaid brokerage contract. Veolia scored nearly double the incumbent's score earning a nearly perfect score in the award process. Veolia's management of Medicaid focuses on great customer service, adherence to compliance of CMS requirements and a commitment to providing service to eligible recipients. In addition, Veolia has entered into an agreement with Metro Transit in Omaha to repurpose space in the transit facility with a focus toward continued transit coordination in the future reinforcing Veolia IntelliRide's Smart Mobility Management approach.

The contract is for a three-year term and includes a possible 2-year extension. The contract is scheduled to take effect on May 1, 2014. Under the terms, Veolia will be the contract agent for state's estimated 1,300 Medicaid providers and 125,000 Medicaid members, setting standards, and overseeing and verifying program compliance. In addition, Veolia will oversee customer service, the call center, and all dispatch services. There are currently 500,000 projected trips annually.

"This is a great opportunity for Veolia," said Larsen. "We are introducing new technology and processes in partnership with Ecolane which will enable us to take service to a level that has not yet been achieved in a Medicaid brokerage contract. This will greatly improve the experience for customers and at the same time, allow us to utilize resources efficiently."

Veolia will utilize Ecolane's state-of-the-art technology for improved efficiency in the contract. Ecolane's Demand Response Transportation (DRT) software will be used for seamless reservation scheduling and dispatching. Android-based Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) will enable dispatchers and drivers to work together to deliver more service with added efficiency and safety compliance. The technology also provides a self-service web interface allowing customers to book on line. Customers may also elect to receive text messages informing them of their vehicle arrival time.

Veolia currently operates 37 paratransit and Non-emergency transportation (NET) operations, making the company one of the largest private sector providers of paratransit and NET services in the U.S.

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