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Go inside a Gulf oil rig with Cramer

Cramer's oil rig experience

Jim Cramer traveled to the Ensco 99 oil rig off the coast of Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico for his recent "Mad Money" program to show what he calls the "American oil and gas revolution" and how new technology unlocks "new resources buried deep beneath the waves."

After boarding the rig with a ride high above the water in "the basket," Cramer, wearing a white hardhat and accompanied by his camera crew, got a tour.

Source: CNBC

The rig, which has a drilling depth of 30,000 feet, produces oil and natural gas. It houses between 60 and 70 people at any given time.

Energy XXI CEO John Schiller told him, "It's like a small village out here. ... There aren't really any sick days. If you get sick, you don't get to go home."

Along with an inside look at the living quarters and drill heads, all surrounded by a tangle of pipes and meters, Cramer was also served lunch: rice, beans and sausage with cornbread on the side.

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