Wall Street still hearts Obama

Wall Street looks ahead to Hillary

President Barack Obama's approval rating may have hit a new low, but he still attracted big-money Democrats at a Manhattan fundraiser to benefit his political party.

Blackstone Group President and Chief Operating Officer Hamilton "Tony" James hosted Obama on Tuesday night at his Fifth Avenue home for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

The event cost $32,400 to attend, and wealthy investors were featured prominently.

The group, according to a person in attendance, included: Jim Simons, the retired founder of hedge fund firm Renaissance Technologies; Roger Altman, founder of investment bank Evercore; Eric Mindich, head of hedge fund firm Eton Park Capital Management; Orin Kramer, head of hedge fund firm Boston Provident; Bill Rudin, chief executive officer of real estate investor Rudin Management; and Bill Mulrow, Blackstone's senior managing director for investor relations and business development.