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8 little energy firms pushing big global changes

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Pioneers in energy innovation

Energy innovation is about a lot more than fuel made from banana peels.

The annual Energy Pioneers list, compiled by IHS CERA for its IHS CERAWeek conference, is about where old and new energy technology meet.

On this year's list, robots are going places no human has ever been, "big data" is doing things that weathermen have never been able to master, carbon is being captured from waste and turned into fuel simultaneously, fiber optic cables are searching for oil, and future well blowouts are being averted (maybe). One company is even bold enough to claim it can avoid all future carbon emissions. Dare to dream—after all, that's the point of innovation.

We asked eight IHS Cera Energy Pioneers about the novel approaches they are using in critical energy areas and what stands in the way of their success—and our survival. (The full list of 2014 IHS CERA Energy Pioneers is available here).

—By Eric Rosenbaum
Posted 13 March 2014

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