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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, March 13, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BigTime, a leading boutique firm of mobile marketing, announced today that it has won milestone contracts with tier-1 mobile carriers in Africa, the Americas and Europe.

The mobile marketing firm has signed contracts in Africa with Airtel, CellC, MTN, Vodacom and Telkom Mobile, with Cable & Wireless in Americas and with MTN and Vodafone-Cyta in Europe. The contracts represent a robust business mix of interactive mobile marketing campaigns and a series of direct billing connectivity and subscription services spanning from text alerts service, music service all the way to Smart Apps, that allow BigTime to add to its global reach an additional audience of more than 70 million unique subscribers.

Robust markets like South Africa, Ghana, Trinidad & Tobago and Cyprus are just some of the additional wins and geographic footprint that BigTime has secured in the first quarter of 2014.

Dimitris Papazisis, Chief Executive Officer of BigTime said, we have built a serious momentum on a global scale focusing on robust new markets. Our audience reach has multiplied significantly and our recurrent revenues from smart subscription services, mobile marketing interactive campaigns and direct billing connectivity with most tier-1 mobile carriers have resulted to continuous growth both in terms of geographic footprint as well as in terms of revenue.

A very rich plateau of mobile services is now available for mobile carriers that help them increase their income, reduce churn, acquire new users, expand into new horizons from basic text alerts to smart-apps, SMS subscriptions, music downloads, mobile lotto all the way to operator-branded interactive SMS campaigns. The truth is that BigTime is the choice of many tier-1 mobile carriers and the fact that we maintain our ability to constantly enrich our products and services portfolio as well as to deliver it in the most effective way, will let us ride the growth curve for a long time. A very important aspect that I have to stress out though, is that BigTime does not consist of everyday-regular employees but of loyal followers, fans and mobile aficionados with enhanced entrepreneurial spirit and out-of-the-box creativity making BigTime not only the fastest growing company in the industry but also a company with enviable corporate culture and invaluable human capital.

About BigTime

BigTime is a leading mobile marketing boutique firm, providing innovative 'mobile marketing' products and services. BigTime is a global provider of innovative mobile marketing products and services. It creates entertaining and involving campaigns for mobile network operators and media groups; stimulating the dialogue between the user and the mobile carrier. BigTime campaigns attract more subscribers, generate revenue and promote loyalty to network operators. The generation of detailed usage data that BigTime produce helps operators to accurately quantify the effects of their mobile marketing campaigns and profile their customers. The result is users who get more out of their mobile phones - and operators who feel more in tune with their subscribers. Comprising top-notch industry professionals with the experience and insight required to devise mobile marketing programs that make a difference, BigTime supports mobile operators throughout the marketing lifecycle – from program design through implementation to campaign analysis

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